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*Coronavirus Update*

Due to the financial realities of the coronavirus pandemic, Opus has taken a break from printing Now Then Magazine and none of its scheduled ‘in-person’ events, including Festival of Debate 2020, will go ahead as planned.

But we haven’t gone away! We are working hard to understand the new landscape we find ourselves in and how our passions and skills can be best used.

  • For Now Then, our focus will move to the existing Now Then App and the upcoming new Now Then website, which will be live as soon as possible. We will return to print as soon as we can.
  • For Festival of Debate, we are exploring how we can deliver the same exciting event formats to audiences via the web.

We are also thinking deeply about how we can use our platforms to support the community response to coronavirus in Sheffield

If you can afford to support Opus during this difficult time, your contribution is greatly received. We are a small but passionate team who are all paid the same hourly rate, so anything you give will help buy us more time to think, plan and respond during this challenging time. Thank you.

For over a decade, Opus has been the collective of staff, volunteers and supporters behind Now Then, Wordlife, Festival of Debate and many other projects.

Behind the scenes we’ve been doing even more, investing in social good by helping other not-for-profits and supporting community projects that make our city better for us all. At its heart, Opus gives a platform to alternative voices you might not hear elsewhere, encouraging participation, action and social change.

But we’re better with friends on our side, so we’re inviting you to be a pal and get involved with our work.

As a Friend of Opus, you won’t just get that warm glow of doing good and making a difference, or supporting our work to entertain, engage, inspire, showcase talent and empower independent businesses and local charities. You’ll get benefits too, like priority booking, discounts and the opportunity to get more involved in the work we do.

We want to make Opus as open to the many communities of Sheffield as we can and we need your help to grow and make ourselves sustainable. If you can’t afford to support what we do financially but you see the value in it, we still want you to join us.

You should become a Friend of Opus because…

  • It will help us continue to expand our existing not-for-profit projects running across the city, including Now Then Magazine and the Now Then App, Festival of Debate, Wordlife and more, many of which are offered free of charge to the public.
  • You’ll get all kinds of exclusive gifts and discounted entry to our events.
  • You’ll have the chance to guide the direction of the company and its projects through Friends meetings and an opportunity to be more involved in decision making at Opus – whether you can support us financially or not.

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