UBI Lab Sheffield is a collaboration between multiple organisations and individuals, seeking to explore the potential of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and the possibility of a pilot in the city.

Universal basic income (UBI) is a regular, unconditional sum of money given to everyone without means testing or a requirement to work.

We’re not saying UBI is the answer – but it could be an answer: to precarious work, rising inequality, increasing social care needs, the democratic deficit, or the automation of our workforce.

Most of all, UBI Lab believes that in Sheffield we should be testing the effects of UBI on paid and unpaid work, leisure, wellbeing, relationships and community – and talking about the idea with everyone, from individuals to institutions.

The above video is taken from the Perspectives on Basic Income project, which the group produced as part of Festival of the Mind 2018. The mini-site follows three citizens, who talk about their lives and how a basic income might enable them to do more of what they love.

Opus provides organisational support to UBI Lab Sheffield, as well as having a day-to-day involvement in the group and its activities. Learn more at ubilabsheffield.org